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Longbow Bible Camp
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Longbow Lake is a small lake situated just a few minutes east of Kenora, just off of Hwy 17.  It has been described as the “Fisherman’s Paradise” due to the amount of fish, the size of fish and the variety of fish. The lake is only 3 miles by 5 miles and feeds into Lake of the Woods. Access to Lake of the Woods is via an electric conveyor belt.

Longbow Bible Camp has a long history dating back to the construction of the original Hwy 17. Back then it was a camp for construction workers. It was gifted to the Boys Scouts to be used as a summer camp and eventually sold to First Baptist, Kenora, and First Baptist, Dryden for $!.00 with the understanding that it could not be sold for more than its purchase price and must continue to be used as a summer camp geared to children and young people.

The site can handle up to 70 people in numerous cabins most situated on the lake shore. The main lodge houses the kitchen and diningroom/meeting room.  Just off of the main lodge there is a large flat playing field. The camp is opened the beginning of June and is usually closed up by Thanksgiving.

Camp Update
First Baptist Church, Dryden and First Baptist Church, Kenora have handed over ownership to Ridgewood Mennonite Church in Steinbach. We are grateful for their commitment to summer camping. Contact information will be provided in the near future.


We are no longer owners or administers of Longbow Bible Camp. Please Contact Ridgewood Mennonite Church in Steinbach, Manitoba for information